Vegetarians against PETA

I know there are other blogs out there who claim the same as this does, that a lot of vegetarians are against PETA. Here's what I want you to do, vegetarian or not, pro PETA or not, go to a search engine and turn on "image" search. Type in PETA. I'm going to guess that about 90% of the pictures you're seeing are of women with little to no clothing.

Besides the fact that searching PETA is practically like searching porn, if you ARE a vegetarian, going to PETA's website may make you want to scoop your eyeballs out. Your heart might drop and you might feel like puking. How is it logical to shove that in an already vegetarian's face? Sure, if you're trying to convince others to be vegetarian. It's so disgusting, it may work! But honestly...no more PETA for me. Even if it's a contest to meet Sir Paul McCartney. I wouldn't go to their website to do it.

Another complaint I have about being a vegetarian is -- If you're not a vegetarian, and you don't want to be, that's fine. I don't really care. And don't apologize to me for eating animals. That's your business. I would prefer that you didn't for multiple reasons i.e. the environment, and the sake of so many animals who deserve to have long happy lives, but if you're not down with that, great.

I've done reports on being vegetarian and I've talked to people about being vegetarian and they will say "I'm sorry, I love meat too much." I really don't care.

I know that I can't stop people from telling me things and people can't read my mind, so most of them don't know, but I guess I just wanted to get that out there to those of you who read this and might feel compelled to tell me you're sorry and make excuses to ME why you don't want to or can't be vegetarian.

So...it's out there. Thanks for letting it be.

If you WANT to be vegetarian though, I commend you. It takes some effort and requires a lot of compassion. There are many sites other than PETA that will help you on your journey with less in-your-face animal slaughter.

Some of these sites:
http://www.farmforward.com/ (This website does include some photos of the conditions of livestock, but no where near as offensive as PETA)

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