I am making a surprise appearance on my lonely blog, but only because I am taking an indefinite break from Facebook. I'll still abuse twitter though! :)

So here are a few things that are happening right now:

For the past month or so, I've been prepping to come to Minnesota for my dear friend, Jenna Mae's wedding. I've been learning to drive a manual since we are planning on taking Gregg's car up, and I've been practicing walking in 5 inch heels since my bff Amanda was nice enough to give me a pair of them. I know that sort of sounds like a silly thing, but that's just the way I am, and the way I roll.

Other things have been happening as well. I currently have 250 days left until I GRADUATE from college. I cannot wait! College has been driving me crazy as of late! I guess going for so long will eventually burn you out. I've been on a 2 week vacation from it that started last week, and for the week we're in Minnesota I will have an extra week-long break from it, so that will be nice, but I will probably still be scrambling to get my work done at the very last minute. This semester I have 5 classes: Business Law, Business Procedures, Advanced Word Processing, Excel, and some health information class.

Other amazing things in my life have happened while I was gone. I went to Las Vegas with my friends. Amanda was kind enough to pay to get us there and take us out and about. I loved it! I wanted to stay there! I'm going back for my birthday because I want to see Peep Show and since I was born in Las Vegas, I thought it would be cool if I were there on my birthday.

I made a quick, quiet visit to a secret location to help celebrate Amanda's birthday this year as well. It was fun and I'm ever so grateful that I could make the trip.

Right now I've got a few projects planned for when I'm done with school and Gregg and I move back up to Minnesota. I want to take some baking classes and open my own bakery/cafe, and of course I haven't given up on the desire to make those wonderful little hats. I've actually got some designs down in a book and I'm going to start working on them once I have the time and the money, but that also all depends on whether or not I get the business I want to have off the ground.

I've also been trying a vegan lifestyle, although, there are parts of it that are really tough. I currently sponsor a cow named Mercy at The Gentle Barn out in California, and he and his story really inspire me not to consume dairy products, since he himself is a product of the dairy industry. 3 of his brothers were also rescued and I will make sure to link the video of their rescue here at the end of this post.

That brings me to why exactly I need a break from Facebook...

I know that I personally added each person to my friends list, sometimes out of courtesy, sometimes out of pity...and I'm not saying that I think this about all of my friends, or even a large amount of them...I'm just saying a select few have just gotten on my nerves so badly lately that it makes me want to scream. I post things about eating vegan foods and why exactly I want to be vegan and meat eaters jump down my throat and then tell me their pity stories about why they could never be vegan. I've said it before here, I don't fucking care if you don't want to be vegan or vegetarian. I don't want to hear your excuses. Do whatever the fuck you want to do. I mean, yeah there are things that factory farming is doing to the environment, so it does technically directly affect me, but otherwise, I'm not the one you're hurting. Educate YOURSELF instead of hounding me for information as to why vegan or vegetarian lifestyles are better. I'm not a fucking library or the internet, and both of those things are filled with some wonderful information.

I mean, yes, I know that I should be able to explain to you why I have decided to do what I do, but I'm no good at explaining things. I'm too lazy and forgetful to explain to you what exactly is the problem.

And also, like I've said a trillion times...fuck PETA. They're probably the worst source for people who want to be veg.

Another reason I'm breaking from Facebook is because I'm sick to death of political opinions. I want to flea the country. I want to go to some utopia in which politics doesn't exist. I'm sick of republicans and their shite opinions. I'm sick of people reposting how stupid Michele Bachmann is. I'm sick of people saying that Barack has done a terrible job and that we "need to take away his blank check" and how our taxes are so high already and we shouldn't be taxed more. Fuck the United States. Fuck their redneck opinions about everything.

I might be biased because I'm not completely poor. I'm not waiting in some unemployment line, I live in one of the nicest apartments in Rio Rancho (not that that's saying much), I eat well, I have a gym membership, I can afford to pay my credit cards and I have internet and phone services, I have air conditioning, and I get to visit my friends several times a year. Most of that isn't even paid for by me. I'm incredibly lucky! Incredibly so! I try hard not to take those things for granted! I know that Amanda could get pissed at me and stop bringing me to see her and our other friends, or taking me out to eat, or taking me to a show or 3. I know that my husband could lose his job, and we wouldn't be able to afford rent or all our delicious food. I know that my mom could easily get tired of paying for me to go to the gym or for watching the dogs every day.

To the universe, I am grateful for everything that I have in life. I am grateful to my friends and family for supporting me as much as they can. And as soon as I get a job, I can't wait to treat them to things. I can't wait to pay taxes and to help my husband pay for groceries and rent or mortgage. I can't wait to be able to afford my own phone bill or my own gym membership. And I'm going to be so glad when I can pay my own way to see people I love. My hope is that I will be able to make enough money so that I can even pay Amanda back. At least for some of what I have received from her.

I'm blessed. I know that the universe will take care of me.

Here is a link to the rescue of "my" cow and his brothers: