The Birthday Massacre featuring Denver After Dark...

Gregg and I were lucky enough to get in a small vacation this weekend. We went up to Colorado Springs/Denver. Gregg and I went to Colorado Springs for our Anniversary last year and it was beautiful. I found out that The Birthday Massacre was playing in Denver awhile back so I asked Gregg if we could plan a trip up to Colorado for the weekend for the show. He was super nice about it and gave me 3 and a half whole days in Colorado!

We left on Thursday night and nothing was all that exciting for the entire trip, except for Friday for the show. We were supposed to meet up with a former friend, but we were very bad friends and didn't. But to be fair, I ended up not feeling great on Saturday and we left today so we sort of ran out of time.

So, as far as things to mention, there's not much. The hotel we stayed at was great, and I am going to write them a review, once I get done here, and Colorado Springs offers everything we're missing out on being in New Mexico rather than Minnesota, plus a whole lot more, so we ate well!

Friday we drove up to Denver which is about an hour away from Colorado Springs. I had expected Denver to be gross and run-down and for the whole thing to be pretty unpleasant, but after deciding to get out of the horrible traffic on I 25 we decided to drive in town to get to the venue where the concert was at. That was the first time I got excited for Denver. That place is exciting!

The first side street we came to, we drove past this enormous park where there were TONS of people out running, riding bikes, playing volleyball, rollerblading, walking their dogs, etc. I'd never seen so many people out in public just enjoying themselves without worrying that they were going to be in danger. I doubt any normal person worries that they'll be in danger, but I'm a little more paranoid than a normal person, so I would have been, except that everyone seemed so happy, so I think I would have put that aside to enjoy myself too.

When we sort of got to our destination, we parked in this parking garage in a place called Writer's Square. This place was magical! There were fun looking businesses, lots of cute girls and guys...people walking, people on bikes, people holding hands and being happy and posing for pictures. It was like a commercial for HP printers or Kodak cameras or something. So we walked a bunch of blocks to the theater where the show was going to happen. People everywhere had bikes like mine. I was so excited and wished I had my bike to share its attractiveness with the other attractive bike owners.

I know, weird.

Anyway, the line was short for The Birthday Massacre, but I was like the 3rd cutest girl there for awhile, but then a girl I called Hooks showed up with a bunch of other foxy girls, so I lost. BTW I called her Hooks because she was dressed like a Hooker. But she was super cute anyway. I got super excited cos The Birthday Massacre's tour bus was parked right outside. So much fun. That was the closest I have ever been to a real Canadian! We waited in line outside for much longer than I would have liked, but oh well.

Gregg and I hit up the bar first thing, which is totally out of character for me, but Gregg needed to spend a minimum of $10 for the credit card machine, so I got one anyway. The first two bands were lame, but the second band's bass and drums were so loud, I could feel it vibrate in my teeth. Awesome! That is until TBM came on. Oh my GOD! I have NEVER felt bass vibration in my trachea! I could hardly speak it was so huge! I LOVED it. Chibi was cute, and I got a few videos, but the sound really sucks on them thanks mostly to the GIGANTIC bass.

Anyway, after the show the band did a meet and greet at the merch table, but Gregg and I skipped out because my feet were killing me and we still had to walk a mile back to the parking garage.

That's when I saw Writer's Square after dark! Holy fun time! These really awesome guys that looked like they were having a BLAST doing their jobs, were riding bike taxis! They had HUGE grins on their faces as they'd drive bitchy drunk girls across the square! I loved them! We must have passed three or four clubs/parties. Some were really classy and dressy and others were more casual and loud, but it was BEAUTIFUL! I've never wanted to be a part of humanity more than at that moment.

Oh my gosh! It was just magical. I now understand why former Wide Receiver for the Denver Broncos, Lionel Taylor always gets excited when we mention Denver! I either need to move to Colorado, or visit all the time!

We were supposed to go to the zoo on Saturday, but I got a little sick, and we went to the mall where Gregg bought me the CUTEST raccoon hat and a gorgeous blue top. We went home (to our hotel) after I took the first Imitrex because I felt like I was going to collapse, and then we went to see Scott Pilgrim again after I felt better.

To end the trip, we went to the most awesome miniature golf course I've ever been to and we have plans to go back sometime with Wesley. I really really really want Amanda Hocking, author of the My Blood Approves series and Eric J. Goldman Amanda's gay roommate and my best male friend aside from Gregg and my cat to go with too so that I can share the magic. Also, any of my other awesome friends are invited! Although, I worry that everyone will be like, "this is super lame. I've done WAY more interesting and fun things than this!" But I never have, so I want to share.

So friends, Amanda, Eric, Jenna, Tiffany, Bronson, etc. feel free to make time to come to Colorado with me sometime. I will love to share it with you and would hope that your time had would be just as great as mine and in a fantasy world you would ALL come to live there too!


Give a Hoot, Don't Pollute.

Ok, so I know this isn't the most original post to ever exist, but I was inspired today.

I took the last final of the summer semester and promptly came home and started to get rid of all the papers I had collected since May. I try to recycle everything I can. Unless it takes too much energy for me to walk to the recycling bin and the garbage is closer. Anyway, I decided to recycle an entire notebook, but I didn't know what to do with the spiral. So first of all, I am NEVER buying spiral notebooks ever again. In fact, it's only going to be binders and loose leaf paper from now on. Also, I am not making any suggestions as to what to do with the spiral, cos I'm not the artsy crafty kind of person others can be. I just cut it up into little pieces so it wouldn't get caught on some little birdies foot, or something ridiculous like that. So the moral of the story is, please recycle. Because this heat is getting old.

Don't you remember when we were kids and we'd lie on the lawn and stare up at the clouds and try to make shapes of them? It's too hot to do that now. Humans have GOT to make a change. Can't you tell the earth is angry? I am really trying here. I'm a vegetarian, I recycle as much as I can, I am going to start taking the bus to school, I buy reusable containers for water, and generally only drink water so there are not cans or bottles to rinse and recycle. I also own reusable bags and I intend to use them more because I realize the waste just from the bags we get from the store. It's terrible and heart braking that the most intelligent beings on earth are being the dumbest.

I can't do this alone though, so I encourage anyone who reads this post to try something at least start recycling. There are places around town that you can drop off your recycling, and some of you are lucky enough that someone will pick up the recycling. A reusable water bottle is an easy thing to do, and they make brushes that fit inside those little sigg bottles so that you can clean them. So even if you wanted to put soda in there, there's a scrub brush to use to clean it out so it doesn't start to stink.

I really could go on and on about this subject, but I really don't want to annoy you, so I will stop there. Just give it some thought.



I have created this, and I will post things that are way more interesting. But later. Thanks.