Mad as a Hatter...

I have always been sort of oblivious to the existence of hats. I never thought they looked attractive on me, so I don't think to buy them, and I don't really notice when other people are wearing them. With the recent news of William and Catherine getting married in England, they started making a big fuss about the fascinators and hats that Kate was wearing.

Vivien Sheriff is a famed British milliner, and she made a guest appearance on the Today show the week of the wedding. Before THAT moment, I had no idea how fabulous the world of hats was. Since then I have become obsessed. I bought a $125 fascinator from Jen Clark at Head Full of Feathers - a shop you can visit on ETSY. The hats she makes and sells are absolutely stunning for the price.

Although I was really riding along this bandwagon of hats, I just couldn't find that many hats that I absolutely LOVED for the price, so I started looking into making my own. I've gone through a bunch of websites and instructional videos, and I have even bought a book. I am REALLY excited to start on this journey of hat making, and I hope that one day I can call myself a milliner.

I would LOVE to find a class in my area, but it seems nearly impossible. I will keep looking though! Even if I have to take day trips to other cities in America just to get some of these courses under my belt.