New Year, New You, Right?

So the new year is upon us. I don't know if you know this about me, but I am a big fan of numerology. This year is a personal 5 year for me, and I am a 5 life path. This year is supposed to be somewhat magical for me. The last 5 year I experienced was 2002, and everything in my life seemed to settle, despite moving across the country twice. It was the last time I remember loving my life regardless of what else was happening.

Also, I'm one to stick to my New Year's Resolutions. My secret - I make them doable and I make sure it's something I actually want to do. I've been tweaking them here and there as I get comfortable in this new year. Here are four of them:

1) Be nicer to my mom's dog Boo Boo. She's really stupid and a huge attention hog, but this year I have resolved to stop calling her dumb.
2) Stop chewing my lips. This was one of my New Year's Resolutions years ago and I did stop, but then I started dating Gregg and he chewed on his lips all the time, so I started again.
3) Figure out what I'm doing with my life. I know, you're probably sick of hearing about it, so you won't hear it much after this.
4) Make myself proud. Simple as that. I'm sick of being disappointed in myself.

Those are the top ones for the year. And on January 14, it will be my third anniversary of being a vegetarian. Proof that I do, indeed stick to my new year's resolutions.

Also, this is a personal 5 year for my good friend Amanda Hocking as well. Who is also a 5 life path. I'm really excited for her because this year should be a really successful year for her as well.

So far there are four major things happening this year for me, and if those are all that happen, I will still be happy and consider this year a success.

1) Amanda and Eric are coming down to visit us. I haven't seen them in over two years! They are truly my best friends, and I am so excited to be able to see them so soon.
2) Tiffany, my sister-in-law, is coming down here to visit in March. Tiffany is also one of my favorite people in this world, so of course I will be glad to see her too.
3) I will be graduating in August with a certificate in Medical Transcription, so I can start working before I get my Associates degree. Of course, depending on whether or not I finally decide what I am doing with my life, I might stop there. I'm not really interested in being an administrative assistant, but I do want to be versatile.
4) My good friend Jenna Petersen will be marrying her fiance, Matthew Talmadge on September 4, and I get to go up to Minnesota to attend their wedding. this is exciting because I LOVE weddings, and I love my friends. Plus, then I will be able to make quick visits with my family that are there too.

Oh, I'm just so excited for this year!

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