A Decision and a Goal

I have decided to be happy with my AAS in Medical Office Technology. Which I'm fairly certain is just like being an administrative assistant. I've also made myself several reachable goals with time limits. One of my goals is to work on my artwork. I want to make an online comic, I think. It won't make me any money (probably) but at least I will entertain people. And that is something that I want to do. I'm really excited.

Other goals include:
  • Getting healthier - I already go to the gym generally 3-6 times per week and I just recently started trying to eat better. I'm trying hard to get more fruits and veg. My biggest goals with that are to make sure I get enough protein and fiber. I can take a vitamin for much of the rest I suppose.
  • Get a job - I want to get a job by fall after I get my transcription certificate. I'm going to stay in school to finish my AAS, but I would like to work while I finish since I won't be getting nearly as much for Student Aid. At this point, I want to start paying off my student loans that I've already accumulated and start saving for a down-payment for a car and eventually a house when Gregg and I move to wherever it is that we will move. (Either Colorado Springs or Burnsville or Mankato Minnesota)
  • Share my money - I know that I won't make a ton of money as and administrative assistant or in transcription, but I do want to use some of my money to share with organizations like the ASPCA, Animal Humane Society, and St. Jude.
I still don't really know where I stand with planning children. I want them, but not for awhile, and I want to make sure I can support their dreams so that they don't end up being 27 and having an identity crisis.

So, yay! Thank God for goals and things! That's always fun!

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