Career research...


Since my breakdown yesterday, I've been doing some career research. But I have to narrow it down, of course.

I'm not really sure what I WILL end up doing, but I think I definitely want to learn to speak French fluently. That way when I have to move to Canada, I'll be prepared. Haha! Plus, then no matter what career I follow, I will have an advantage in being bilingual. I think I might learn more sign language as well...yes. That is what I am going to do do. French...it didn't take Bronson that long to at least sound like he knew the language well. I'm not quite as quick at learning though. Then I think I want to learn lots about animals and forests. I could be a lumberjack in Canada! <3 Mmmm maple syrup!!! I could just do what I'm going to school for now, and continue just learning at the same time. I wish school didn't cost money though. It should be free for people who just feel like learning lots of things with no intent to make a career out of it. But if I did learn about animals and forests, I could be a forest/wildlife ranger. That would be a hoot! :) I DO love animals. However, I don't know how my knowledge of the French language would help me with animals. Oh well. I do what I want.

I don't know, but I'm kind of excited now. I think I would have to wait until Gregg goes back for Networking. They make tons of money. I hope he decides to, but I want the career before the kids I think. Even though I am running short on time. I do worry sometimes about bringing kids into this world though, so...I think this is the safe way to run it for now.

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